PPSS22 – PS2 Emulator[Paid/Patcher]

PPSS22 – PS2 Emulator[Paid/Patcher]

Main features

Play any PS2 game with FullHD resolution

PPSS22 is optimized for Android phones, especially devices using CPU Snapdragon. For different GPUs phones, FPS may not reach the maximum (60FPS). According to the developer, PPSS22 is compatible with more than 90% of PS2 games available in the market. Especially for games with high capacity up to 2-3GB, it can still run smoothly without any problems arising. 1080p resolution is the most ideal resolution for you to experience the game in the best way.

Save the playing process

Of course, this is a feature that we all need. You can save all game data that you have played in the internal memory and can continue at any time. The number of games that support saving is also a lot, especially popular RPG games.

Simple launcher

The BIOS is a mandatory boot of PS2, you will need the BIOS file to launch any PS2 ROMs file, but after you have selected the BIOS file, you can choose to skip this launcher to enter the game faster.

Intuitive controls, handle support

Control buttons are arranged appropriately at the bottom of the screen. Although there are many function buttons, they can be customized according to each type of game and the player’s preferences. The accessories will also be supported for you to have a great experience right on your phone.


  • Before Opening this App Turn your Internet off or Simply turn on “Airplane Mode” otherwise you see WHITE SCREEN .


Best settings

System Tweak Speed – 0 ( Minimum)
EE Speed – Max
EU Speed – Max
Lower Resolution = Higher FPS