LockMyPix PRO

LockMyPix PRO

In our mobile devices, there are always secrets that no one wants to see. As a result, the Secure Folder app starts appearing and protects everyone's data. Whether it's a stranger or a stranger. There is a need for strict folder security to avoid abusing malicious purposes, whether it's someone's phone. LockMyPix is ​​the most prominent application for all user information, especially videos or photos. The app is valued for its security, and it uses the best military grade security. Many even use it to protect themselves. Self portrait Document Whether this video or video or video format, this app will protect you all.


It provides user-friendly security with easy-to-use colors. Depending on the style of each user, the interface of the application can be changed to many different types. In addition, the home page provides users with photos, videos and photos. This is a place and time that includes videos. The interface also identifies the data that the user has. Categories such as videos or audio. Users need to take a few simple steps to access other types of data on the device. of course, This application includes user settings, changing interface settings and making it more secure.

Store videos and photos

Once installed, your path will automatically change to save your photos and videos. Download images Video All audio will be transferred here. This app is similar to the data before installing this app. They will also add and invalidate your collection. Once the app is installed, the user will be able to determine the best password to prevent access to others. If you are forced to open a folder, the user can create a deception. of course, Decoy will only contain strange images that appear on your machine. They have a positive goal of making others suspicious. In other words, the deception feature is unique to this app.

Multiple passwords

Because they know the user's familiar passwords, users often feel insecure every time they rent a phone. Additionally, this application can enable multi-level security features. Users can take photos, Fingerprints You can enter security forms at the same time as PINs. When uploading photos to social networks, The app will ask you for a password each time you upload a photo.

Stop spying - start your new privacy.

The security process of an application that is shut down for malicious purposes, such as identity theft, will encrypt all user information. LockMyPix is ​​the best security application for users when using advanced security systems to secure users and their information.


Additional Information:

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Current Version:5.0.14
App Size:5.68MB